WOLC - India's Highest Zipline

Medical and Safety Regulations
Above 1.4 mtr / 4'7" in Height
40kg < your weight >115kg
No Surgery in last 6 months or any ongoing symptoms
No experience of Fit or Seizure in last 6 months

WOLC Medical and Safety Information

We welcome you to WOLC Zipline Tour and care about your Safety,Comfort and Health.To ensure it we request you to please go through the following information. It will also help you to access your eligiblity for the adventure.

 The following will adversly affect your ability to participate

  • Pregnancy
  • Epilepsy
  • Neurological Disorders
  • Osteoporosis
  • Heart Patient
  • Respitory Consitions
  • Back Limb or Joint Injuries
  • Missing Limbs, inclusing Prosthetics
  • Vertigo and Dizziness
  • Hearing or Visual Impairment


  • During your Zipline Tour your instructor will give you full safety instructions
  • If any member of your group does not speak English or Hindi please inform the us before commenting your tour
  • You will be fitted with a safety harness, safety straps and gloves by an Instructor
  • During your safety brief your Instructor will explain and demonstrate the safe use of all the equpiment and you will have an opportunity to use to practice area
  • After the practice session, please do not adjust your harness , instead ask your Instructor if needed
  • Please wash your hands if a Sun Screen , Insect Repellant or any lotion is applied before the tour.

 Terms and Conditions

  • 100% while booking
  • Payment online or Cash(Indian Rupee only)
  • Refund only in Indian Rupee or Online
    • Cancellation after practice zipline and before main zipline - 80% refund
    • Cancellation after practice zipline and one main(Total-2 to&fro ) zipline - No Refund
  • WOLC holds the right to cancel the rogramme or expel the participant who exhibits behavior that is unsafe,incident and life threatening to whole group. Some of the unsafe behavior described as follows : Use of alcohol, illegal drus and substances, theft or Misuse of property, intentional damage to WOLC property, poor unkeep of tour timings, lack of motivation and harassement of fellow participants etc.No refund will be paid in ccase of expulsion.If the participant chooses to leave the program, for whatever reason, please refer to the refund policy
  • Intake of alcohol and smoking is strictly prohibited during the tour
  • All packages are specifically activity based and Transporation cost is not included
  • No food or Beverages is included in fee and will not be served