Pin Valley Trans Himalayan Pin Parvati Pin Bhabha Pass Trek - An Overview

Have you ever looked at a river, a stream or a waterfall and wondered where did all this fierce flowing water come from? Have you ever wished to see its origin? If you have ever pondered over these questions, you are at the right place. 

Rated as one of the most coveted treks by experienced trekkers, Pin Valley Trans Himalayan Trek is challenging, brutal and absolutely mesmerizing. This pass links Parvati Valley in Kullu with Pin Valley of Spiti and further to Kinnaur throguh Pin Bhabha Pass.  It is a 1 kilometer walk at a height of 5300 m. that comes with its share of beauty and challenge and a steep climb towards the Pin Valley. The trek takes you to and across many glaciers, specifically the origin of the Parvati and Pin rivers and beyond into the Kinnaur valley.

This trans Himalayan trek takes you to the natural hot water spring at Kheerganga, alpine meadows, many waterfalls pouring down from monstrous mountains, pilgrim Mantalai lake, glaciers, finally the dry and magnificent Spiti to verdant Kinnaur valley. 

The trek involves steep slopes, gradual climbs, barren mountains, monstrous weather and high altitude. Continuous rain and snowfall makes the walk more difficult than it may seem. Rock climbing, snow trekking, waterfall crossings and wading through water bare foot are a common occurrence. One would require utmost stamina and fitness to complete the trail. 

Pin VAlley trek is the most beautiful and adventurous, because of its high Pin Parvati Pass which separates the Pin and Parvati valleys and Bhaba pass the entrance to the remote Kinnaur valley. Trek that takes one from the parvati valley in kullu to the pin valley in Spiti across the 5319m. to Bhaba pass 4850m. in Kinnour valley. One need to be extremely fit and very well prepared for this trek as there is absolutely no habitation along its entire length. 

Trek commences from Gwacha, a tiny hamlet high up the parvati valley, past Manikaran. From there the route follows the Parvati river upstream for three days with night halt at Kheer Ganga (Hot water spring). Pandupul (Steeped in the Pandava mythology) and Mantalai. One passes through amazing forest of Betula (Bhojpatra) and walnut, make a few risky river crossings on wire suspended baskets. Only person you may meet en route are the migratory Gujjars and Gaddis. On the way, one will pass rich fauna and flora with flowers and spices as well as fossil rich rocks. Treeline is crossed just before pandupul. Mantalai is a huge glacial lake at 4116 meters. It is the source of the Parvati. It is an awesome sight with glaciers flowing down to it from all sides. From here it is another two days of hard climbing to the Pin Parvati Pass. The saddle of the pass is covered with a permanent ice-field and must be crossed with great care as it is criss-crossed with crevasses. Fifth campsite is far below the pass, on the banks of the infant Pin river at 4200 meters. It takes four more days to reach the other side of the Spiti. The entire stretch from the pass to the other side in the Pin Valley National Park, which provides a haven for many rare species- snow Leopard, Spiti wolf, Ibex and Bhural. So be prepared to enter the land of the ibex and Snow leopard. Further another mighty pass ahead waiting to negotiate it with sheer challenge. This pass takes one into the yet amazing valley of Kinnour. Route ahead comes with moraines scree and all the possible terrains that one could imagine to appear at such heights. Freezing cold streams could be an obstacle when one is struggling with sheer difficulties but it will be overcome by the magnificent conifer forests, which is unbeatable by any route. The hardships keep rolling till we reach at the remote dwellings of Kinnour. Kinnour is close to the indo Tibetan border and is very influenced to the Tibetan culture. This influence can be seen while we trek across the valley. The greenery is again visible inconsistently and one can take sigh upon reaching the inhabitation. The trek ends at Kafnu a tiny hamlet in the valley of Kinnour. It is a most strenuous trek and demands a lot of effort to complete. It could be a great introduction to the remote yet vibrant valleys of Himachal Pradesh. So be prepared to take a part in this trip of incredible land of mysteries.

Adventure Trek Highlights

Region: Manali,Spiti
Difficulty: Challenging 
Maximum Altitude: 17,452 feet
Best time to visit: May to October
Duration: 14 Nights/15 Days 

Adventure Trek Itinerary

Day 01: Arrive Manikaran
Manikaran is a small town in Parvati valley. It is just 45 KM from Bhuntar, a holy place for Sikh community. After reaching Manikaran, meet with our WPA’s representative and check in to your hotel. Spend the rest of the day at your leisure: resting, exploring Manikaran Market, the town or its famous Gurudwara.

Overnight at hotel, Manikaran

Day 02: Manikaran to Kheer Ganga

Altitude : 2960m / 8960 ft
Duration : 3-4 hours
Distance :  10 km approx

Travelling to Barsheni village by road, from where we will begin our trek. Through the forest to Kheer Ganga (10,006 feet) is a pleasant walk with a short steep climb in between. Kheer Ganga is a holy place with a hot water spring and a small temple of Lord Shiva. It is also the last chance to take a hot water bath on the trek!

Overnight at camp, Khir Ganga

Day 03: Khir Ganga to Tundah Bhuj 

Altitude : 3200m / 9696 ft 
Duration : 6-7 hours
Distance :  15-16 km approx

This morning we will steadily continue our ascent to the gorge. As the valley widens, the trail crosses several beautiful pastures with an array of flora and fauna, as well as several nomadic settlements. Arrive at Tundah Bhuj (10,515 feet) where we will spend the night.

Overnight at camp, Tundah Bhuj

Day 04: Tundah Bhuj – Pandu Bridge

Altitude : 3700m / 12100 ft 
Duration : 8-9 hours
Distance :  15-16 km approx

Today the trail from camp to Pandu Bridge is steep in places, and both mentally and physically exerting. Travers dense forest and rocky terrain. Once arrived at Pandu Bridge (11,154 feet) we will set up camp for the night.

Overnight at camp, Pandu Bridge

Day 05: Pandu Bridge to Mantalai

Altitude : 4200m / 14000 ft 
Duration : 7-8 hours
Distance :  12-13 km approx

First, you will cross a natural bridge, known as Pandu Bridge. From here the trail undulates through flowery meadows until After that trail makes some ups and downs and then goes through flowered meadows Chota Mantlai (12,729 feet), a perfect spot cherish the progess of day 5. Today’s route is a gradual ascent, continuing to undulate through picturesque mountain meadows, eventually leading us to high-altitude Mantalai Lake (13,779 feet) where we will spend the night.

Overnight at camp, Mantalai Lake

Day 06: Mantalai Lake to High Camp- Base of Pin Parvati Pass

Altitude : 4800m / 16000 ft 
Duration : 8-9 hours
Distance :  9-10 km approx

Today is a steep climb of over 1000 feet, but the day’s challenges will be rewarded with the arrival at the serene grassy camp at the base of the Paravati Pass (14,763 feet), where we will spend the night.

Overnight at camp, High Camp

Day 07: High Camp to Pin Parvati Pass and onto (5316 m) Pin Valley Camp Site(4800 m)

Altitude : 5316 m -> 4810m / 16050 ft 
Duration : 9-10 hours
Distance :  20-21 km approx

Summit day is finally here and we will be scaling a height of 17,339 feet! The approach to the Pass is over a crevassed snowfield and careful precaution is necessary on this section. After the pass we will descend over a steep slope to reach the first campsite in the Pin Valley (15,419 feet).

Overnight at camp, Pin Valley

Day 08: Pin Valley Camp Site to Tia ( Cheen Patt) 

Altitude : 3900m, 13000ft
Duration : 8-9 hours
Distance :  13-14 km approx

Overnight at camp, Tia

Day 09: Tia -Cheen Patt  - Base of Pin Bhabha Pass

Altitude : 4000m, 12100ft
Duration : 7-8 hours
Distance :  8-9 km approx

Day 10:  Base of Pin Bhabha Pass - Mangrung 

Altitude : 4000m, 12100ft
Duration : 7-8 hours
Distance :  8-9 km approx

Day 11: Mangrung  - Pin Bhabha Pass - Fusitarang  

Altitude : 4850m, 15200ft - 4000m 12100ft
Duration : 9-10 hours
Distance :  14-15 km approx

Today wake up early for a long day of trekking into the hardest routes of the trek. First we have to cross a bone chilling water of Parvati river and climb a strenuous trail on scree and moraine. 

Overnight at Fusitarang 

Day 12: Fusitarang - Karah 

Altitude : 3550m, 11600ft
Duration : 7-8 hours
Distance :  8-9 km approx

The steep descends and the tricky scree patches will keep coming to obstacle the route. One is strictly cautioned to trek carefully on these loose rocks to avoid any mishap. The day comes with icy cold streams en route, so one has to walk faster as these torrents become fierce in the afternoons. After crossing a river again we climb down a steep mountain. Again cross a tributary of Bhaba river and we soon reach at the campsite at Karah. Relax having a hot cup of tea amongst the bald yet immaculate beauty.    

Overnight at Karah

Day 13:  Karah  - Mulling 

Altitude : 3100m, 9400ft
Duration : 5-6 hours
Distance :  7-8 km approx

Start early after sumptuous breakfast and trek towards Mulling. As we trail forward a serene meadow will arrive soon en route. The route today is steep downhill with astounding views of meadows and waterfalls. The downhill brings out the sheer descends on rugged terrains. After treading on scree and leg breaking patch we reach at the campsite at Mulling. Night halt will be in the tents.

Overnight at Mulling 

Day 14: Mulling to Kafnu

Altitude : 2800m, 8600ft
Duration : 5-6 hours
Distance :  10-11 km approx

Wake up early, and leave after breakfast for this is the last day of our trek. It's an easy to moderate trail of 11km and takes up to 8 hours to reach Mulling campsite. Cross the bridge over Bhaba River and leave the dense forests. The trail goes through apple orchards and thick green forests. The gradient is moderate descending all the way up to Kafnu. Trekker will now actually miss the rich with flora and fauna and the mesmerizing experience of the last camp site of Mulling (10,759 ft) through one of the most beautiful trails in Himachal.

The tour terminates at BhavNagar till where we will arrange the transport. Bhavngar is a well connected town from where one can plan their onward/return journey as per theri convinience. Shimla is however the nearest major town which is around 200 km away.

Note: This itinerary can be further modified as per the interest of trekkers only for customised groups

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  • Morning Tea
  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Evening Tea
  • Dinner


The itinerary is a guideline and standard pattern which we provide you. This trekking can be modified according to your time and requirements. What we offer here is a combination of tea house and camping trekking which can be modified as well. E-mail us for any customisation or special services required.

Mandatory Documents

  • Medical Certificate issued not more than 25 days from the start of trek
  • Original and photocopy of government photo identity card
  • Disclaimer form 

Tariff Inclusions

  • Transport required for the trek.
  • Certified mountaineering guide from White Peaks Adventures.
  • Skilled local staff who has ample knowledge of the route.
  • Vegetarian meals on the trek as mentioned in the Meal Plan
  • Cooks/Helper and other requisite staff.
  • Porters/mules for carrying common equipments (like rations/tents/utensils/)
  • Equipment – Tents on sharing basis / Sleeping bags / Sleeping Mats
  • Basic First aid Kit with a portable oxygen cylinder.
  • Forest Permits and camping charges.

Tariff Excludes

  • Personal Porters for carrying trekker’s backpacks
  • Personal trekking equipment – like trekking poles or sleeping bag liners
  • Personal insurance or cost of emergency evacuation
  • Purchases of personal natures (like mineral water bottles/bottled or canned beverages/chocolates/dry fruits etc)
  • Food to/from the trailhead.
  • Goods and Services Taxes 5% - Indian Government Taxes

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